Hi, I’m Shannon!

Welcome to my personal site. It showcases my work, my passions, my experience, and my education.

I love growing food. I love getting my hands in the soil and nurturing tender seedlings into beautiful and delicious plants. I am continually astounded by the inspiration and life lessons to be found in the garden. I love sharing this passion with my young family.

I’m a certified Organic Master Gardener with over a decade of experience growing food in edible gardens. I’ve grown for family, friends, and community organizations. For more about my gardening experience and training, see Gardening.

I also hold a degree from the University of British Columbia in Computer Science. I am an experienced software professional in various roles, including program manager, project manager, business analyst, technical writer, user experience designer, and localization specialist. For more about my professional software, leadership, and business experience, see Software and Leadership and Business.

I have run my own small consulting business and I have authored and administered my own garden & lifestyle blog. Some of the writing from that blog is featured on this site. For samples of my personal writing, see my personal garden-themed Blog.

I enjoy sailing, choral singing, knitting, walking my duck tolling retriever, and spending time with my family.