At a glance

Some titles I have held:
Program Manager
Project Manager
Scrum Master
Business Analyst
User Interface Developer
Localization Specialist
Technical Writer

Some technology and software I know:
C/C++, C#, Java, Perl, VB6
Visual Studio
Microsoft Project
Microsoft Office
Madcap Flare
Alchemy Catalyst
Many internal tools for financial, resource, and project management

Some processes and areas I have experience in:
Waterfall, Agile/Scrum/Kanban
User interaction design
Technical writing

The full story

I hold a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Computer Science, from the University of British Columbia (2005). At university, my area of interest was human factors, cognition, and usability. In addition to my math and computer science courses, I took courses in biological, social, and cognitive psychology. I also studied user interaction design, which led to a summer job working as a research assistant in the haptics lab. In addition to my studies, I participated in the co-operative education program, with a job as a localization engineer for Crystal Decisions (now SAP) and as a research assistant in the Computer Based Learning department at Queen’s University in Belfast, Ireland.

Upon graduation, I crossed the Georgia Straight to set up home in Victoria, BC and work for Power Measurement (now Schneider Electric) as a user interface developer. I followed user interaction design principles to design and develop user interfaces in C# and VB6 for our energy management and power monitoring software.

When Power Measurement was ready to take their software global, I initiated, led, and executed the internationalization and localization program for the software department. I worked with localization vendors and country sales organizations to deliver locally adapted versions of the software.

Next, I was offered an exciting opportunity to go work in Schneider Electric’s office in Grenoble, France as a software project manager. In France, I was trained in a mature CMMI environment by skilled project managers and quality officers. The projects were transitioning from waterfall to Agile and I participated in many Agile training classes and conferences. The majority of the resources on my projects were contractors. I was challenged by complex contractual situations, strict quality requirements, and unfamiliar culture and language. To say that I learned a lot is an understatement.

I took my project management training in France back to Victoria. There, the size and scope of my projects increased. I was one of the primary project managers for major and multi-million Euro software projects. I was a key contributor to the Agile change management process. I also filled-in as a business analyst / Agile product owner when required by the team.

After proving my ability to lead complex projects and teams, I was awarded a promotion to Software Program Manager. I managed a team of project managers and was responsible for the software program budget and resourcing. I frequently negotiated, presented, and collaborated with stakeholders, senior management, peers, and the entire software department. I was successful in my role because I am a trustworthy, capable, diligent, and authentic leader.

After taking a few years to focus on my family, I returned on a part-time basis to the software world. I started my own consulting company to offer my expertise in various software development roles. I provided in technical and marketing communications, leveraging my technical aptitude, software development experience, strong communication skills, and user-centered focus.