Experience and Education

  • Organic Master Gardener certificate (Gaia College 2018).
  • Growing my own food since 2006.
  • Designed, built, planted, and maintained raised beds for family and friends (see posts…coming soon).
  • New bed building experience using sheet-mulching and double-digging (see posts…coming soon).
  • Experience with multiple compost systems, including worm bins and brewing compost tea (see posts…coming soon).
  • Grew produce for donation to a local women’s organization (see posts…coming soon).
  • Volunteer gardener at elementary school.


Since I was very young I’ve always been captivated by gardens. My maternal grandmother loved veggie gardening. I used to love stealing raspberries from her canes, staring in awe at her huge tomatoes that she ate like apples, and getting my hands and knees filthy digging for potatoes in her garden. As a girl I also loved the Little House on the Prairie books and TV show and I loved reading about their homesteads. The idea of surviving on the land appealed to me, and today I strive to reduce my waste and increase my self-sustenance.

Me (age 15 in 1998) and my uncle with the potatoes we dug from my grandparent’s garden.

I have been vegetable gardening myself since 2006. My first crop was about 16 square feet of basil in a corner of garden that my land lady donated to me. She saw the seedlings in my sunny kitchen window and encouraged me to get them into the soil. I had no idea that each tiny sprout would grow into a full bushy plant. I froze many many batches of pesto that September and the seed was planted, so to speak.

My very first basil harvest in 2006

I feel great satisfaction in creating a meal inspired by what is available and in-season in my own backyard.  Great chef I am not, but inspired I am.  I am passionate about healthy eating. I had fertility struggles that had me on a strict gluten-free and dairy-free diets. When I was pregnant with both my children I had gestational diabetes, which necessitated a balanced diet. Both these things, along with a love a good food developed after 16-months living in south-east France, have heavily influenced my food philosophy.

My 2016 garden and my oldest son