Leadership and Business

I am a futuristic, deliberative, strategic thinker who enjoys collaborating with other future-oriented leaders to generate ideas and execute action plans.

I am true to myself and my principles while being receptive to the ideas of others. I seek harmony and balance. I am flexible and respond well to change. I am dedicated and have the strength to face my fears and difficult situations. I am passionate. I am an autonomous self-starter. I strive to show consideration to others.

My experience in leadership and management roles in software and my experience running my own small consulting company has honed my business skills.

I have a very strong interest in developing my skills more. I would like to take training in the areas of finance, marketing, leadership, and business administration. An MBA is not out of the question for me in the future.

Areas in which I have experience, exposure, and education:

  • Finance and budgeting
    • I have managed budgets for projects ranging from 20 kEuro to 3 MEuro.
    • I have managed a multi-million Euro software development program.
    • I have preformed detailed ROI calcuations in Excel for project performance evaluation.
    • I have managed the finances and invoicing for my own small business.
  • Leadership and management
    • I have organized workshops, Agile planning sessions, team meetings, and events.
    • I have been a functional manager for a team of project managers.
    • I took an intensive 6-week leadership bootcamp training program.
    • I have worked with a personal coach to better understand my leadership strengths and personal values.
  • Communication
    • I have presented to groups from 2-200 people.
    • I have written technical communications professionally.
    • I have created and maintained Powerpoint, Excel portfolios, and Word documents that archive and track project communications.
    • I am equally adept when communicating with technical team members and senior committee members.
  • Strategy and change management
    • I have led several major new-initiatives (localization, licensing, Agile).
    • I thrive in uncertain environments.